Is your business/company losing thousands or hundreds of thousands of £s due to the many 131 million sickness days lost because of stress, anxiety and depression, back or neck pain & minor illness?


Do you find that your employees arrive at work only to lack productivity due to tiredness, lack of quality sleep, mental lethargy, poor dietary choices or lack of motivation and enthusiasm?


Are you finding it difficult to retain staff? Does this place demands on resources interviewing and training new team members?

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After 20 years experience in the health and fitness industry helping many people to create stronger bodies, better health and more vitality, we have now created the ultimate Believe2Achieve health and wellness pack specifically for companies and businesses to share with their employees.

The health and wellness pack contains the essential steps, tips and secrets to creating great health and wellness in an inspiring, motivating and easy to implement plan.  So if you care about the people who matter most in your business and you want to share the gift of health and wellness with them. Then let us inspire, motivate and educate them to make choices that will impact their personal and professional lives for the better.

Offer A Greater Experience For Your Employees

Maybe the business already has low absence records and good productivity and you just want to offer extra value and a greater experience for your employees, so that the business has a great reputation and is known to be THE business to work for.

Improve Productivity And Provide Value

Our popular workplace wellness days allow employees to get one to one support with our 15 min Health MOT appointments or Cholesterol and Glucose tests as well as engage in live wellness workshops.


Don’t just take our word for it
Here are some businesses that have worked with us

Since making the Believe2Achieve health and wellness programme available to our employees we have seen measurable improvements in their health. Many employees have seen improvements in their blood pressure, cholesterol, sleep, body weight and energy levels. The enthusiasm and passion for health and wellness that Jon Burgess shares is both infectious and inspiring, leading to us receiving lots of positive feedback from our team. Mike Williams

Dawsongroup Plc

The advice and engaging attitude to good health really made a difference to our day and has helped a number of our staff begin and continue making positive lifestyle changes. Michael Godwin

Operations Leader, GE Capital Reigate

Many of our employees have enjoyed tangible results by learning and implementing the valuable wellness information that Jon’s Believe2Achieve programme shares. We can highly recommend using and investing in the Believe2Achieve health and wellness programme to promote wellness in the workplace and for engaging and inspiring your team to greater health and vitality. Karl Knightley

Director , Specsavers


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